This year was supposed to be better, and since it is only January 12th perhaps it will be. But after an especially punishing Fall semester, I was really looking forward to a new start, a hit of the re-set button, a New Year, New Me kinda vibe.

Instead, I've been to a funeral, frantically helped a friend in marital need, and vomited into my hat on the side of a highay because of a stomach virus.

2017? Not off to a fabulous start.

But as a political scientist, I have to maintain my trust in the institutions that I love, which as (essentially) all of the things conservatives love to loath: government (big? YAY! Help Americans! DO IT!) the media (intrepid truth tellers, they) and academia (because that's me and I'm a perfectly fine individual, even when I'm barfing into my hat because of the flu).

So here's to a grand 2017. We are together watching the shitshow that is politics, which means we are not alone. And in the end, isn't that what we all want? To not be alone?